March Madness 2017

March Madness sale is on for the last week of March!
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August Special on Rope!

Finest tight weave jute rope available!

Considering that this only just became a full time endeavor for us in June, the Shibari Dojo has experienced some notable success! Some points of interest:

  • We had two successful workshops in both June and July, and got both some great reviews and some excellent feedback for improvements.
  • Demand on Jute Rope have completely kept us low or out of stock. We’re honored to seemingly be the only supplier in the Simcoe county of Ontario area and sleeplessly strive to improve our services and have our supply meet demand. Accordingly, we have, as of today done just that! So the golden jute rivers should run smoothly from now on!
  • After fifteen years of being of the working class, struggling along without getting anywhere, and feeling frustratingly dissatisfied with my standard of living as well as a lack of fulfillment and unappreciated wherever  put in time. This is the first time I’ve felt my efforts appreciated and reciprocated, I don’t feel restrained and anchored down by my occupation, and I get to do and share what I love.

For these reasons, we’re launching a special offer for the month of August!

When you purchase a three pack of jute rope, and use the coupon code “AUGJ003” you’ll save $10 off of that order!

Just apply it at the check out and see the discount immediately!