The Grand Finally Morpheus Bondage Extravaganza (MBE)!


After some ups, downs, and other crazy noise (which also led to some needed slowing down and reflection), I have been accepted into the final Morpheus Bondage Extravaganza (MBE) on October 1st!

Though teaching and performing bondage wasn’t the reason why I had gotten into shibari or suspensions. But after being approached about pairing up, I began my interest in suspensions and performing. So MBE soon became a bucket list item. However, for 2015 I was rejected, but then accepted for the 2016 Montreal MBE, which although awesome I had too much crap in my personal life that was detracting from my ability to perform.

So this is my last chance to mark off this bucket-list item, and naw that I have discovered my inspiration again, I’m confident that I can properly compensate for my Montreal performances!

My MBE performances for the night are:

And as I’m a little ridiculous like this, if anyone wishes to meet up for rope and/or general hangouts, before or after MBE, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

MBE Specials

There are two specials going on for MBE:

  1. We are down to the last 5 bundles of Osaka Jute Rope! Prices are currently:
    – 1 for $35
    – 3 for $100
    or MBE Special:
    – All five for $150!
  2. Special MBE 2016 – Toronto pricing between September 30th – October 2nd! 1 hour private class fro $30/hour, anything you want to learn! Contact us to schedule it in!


With HeatHawk13, AlexChance13, and CutieTie. Photos by iambic9 at @mbextravaganza

A photo posted by Shibari Dōjō (@shibaridojo) on Oct 6, 2016 at 8:52am PDT