Shibari Education at the Dojo

Public Education

A shot of a Friday night class at Shibari Dojo.

Classes at the Shibari Dojo are conducted in a rotating curriculum format and as such, it doesn’t matter when you start, you will be able to pick up rope and start at any time,  and if you stick around long enough, you will have completed the whole curriculum!

Classes are three hours long and are generally made up of three ties with an underlying lesson involved. Images of many of the ties can be found on our DeviantArt page here.

Some of the concepts that we cover include:

  • Safety – Friction burn, avoiding articulations, identifying nerve pathways and tying around them, and what to do in emergency situations, how to monitor a partner effectively, nerve impingement, circulation, and emergency procedures, and more.
  • History – A brief timeline of hojōjutsu, shibari, kinbaku, and S/m in Japan and the world.
  • Rope types – Nylon, cotton, silk, hemp, and jute, and their applications, pros/cons.
  • Rope Ergonomics – Speed, efficiency, and flow.
  • Breath Work – “Lengthening the breath/energy”, refers to matching the riggers and models breathing to the movements.
  • Body Ergonomics – The rigger utilizes ergonomics (shoulders level, no unbalancing of the self, no unnecessary tension in the body).
  • Manipulating Cadence – Modulation (of voice), variation, variety, Liveliness; full-bodied – From Osada-ryū meaning to change and adapt the cadence of the technique.
  • Japanese Aesthetics – Systems such as Tenchijin, Shingyoso, and Mizuhiki.
  • and more!

It is important to note that these classes are fully clothed; the purpose of the class is one of education and learning, and while our space is a body positive environment, certain things tend to distract from learning and as such we attempt to minimize such distractions. We do occasionally have other events where clothing is optional, but for classes [comfortable] clothing is mandatory.

The event listings for these classes can be found on Facebook, FetLife, or Google Plus.

Private Education

A shot at one of our private classes (posted with permission.

Private classes are more geared towards folks who want a certain level of privacy in their practice, a customized curriculum, focused instruction, or even if they would like to learn our curriculum from beginning to end!

The current policy is is to schedule  an appointment for a minimum of two hours, as any less and there wont be enough time to practice and make your money count!

In order to book your private class, contact us though Facebook Messenger, FetLife Message, or via email!

Workshop Education

Generally once a month or so we host a themed workshop, focusing on a specific principle in the practice and presentation of bondage. The workshop spans 3-6 hours and specific ties and demonstrations are applied to transmit the intended concept as best as possible.

The schedules for these workshops can be found in the previously mentioned social media pages.


August’s Atemi-ryu Chuden Workshop review


Tonight commences our third Atemi-ryū shibari workshop, and such a lovely class it was!

“Shoden wo Okuden” The first forms are the deepest – the advanced is a harmony of the basics.

This was also the first non-beginners workshop for Shibari Dōjō. The fact that it was an intermediate level workshop definitely kept some away, but there was a lesson that I wanted to express with such a thing. Lately I have been expressing that the advanced kata (forms, patterns, or models) are very simply and quite literally made up of the basics. That is also to say that the beginning techniques are also the most advanced.

Accordingly, the first kata that we examined was the Atemi-ryū variation of Hishi Shibari (Diamond Tie). This is a tie that can be challenging for someone fresh to shibari, yet with a little perseverance the studious can extrapolate all sorts of lessons from this form and walk away with a very solid chest harness!

We also practiced a simple hip harness. One might wonder why we might practice a hip harness when there isn’t a determined suspension curriculum in Atemi-ryū. It is simple, the hip harness makes a considerable amount anchor points for use in the mizuhiki style.

All in all, we had great people come out and make this workshop priceless. Thank you everyone who showed your support through encouragement and participation!