The new Suspension Frame

So, two days ago, we finally got the suspension frame set up at the studio, and it is a glorious beast!

But being the silly bugger that I am, I’m overly concerned as to what to call it…

Torii gate at Hida Minzoku Mura Folk Village

The things that inspired it was a combination, of the Japanese-styled Torii, European-styled gallows, and classical illustrations of what was used in Japanese suspension torture.

Initially, I was going to simply call it a Torii (鳥居), but the design itself eventually shifted towards something more like gallows, and being endlessly inclined towards the Japanese language, I turned to the dictionary, for which I found the term Kōshudai (絞首台).

Gallows in Tombstone Courthouse State Historic Park, Tombstone, AZ.

The problem with Kōshudai, however, is that it literally refers to gallows and the activities therein:

  • ” (絞) means to strangle;  constrict;  wring.
  • Shu” (also read kubi; 首) refers to the anatomical neck.
  • Dai” (Tai or several other pronunciations; 台), is a pedestal; or a stand.

So this specifically refers to a pedestal for hanging or strangling the neck – not quite what we do or want to encourage.

There is also the late Yukimura Haruki‘s term kamoi (鴨居)[1], however, this is specifically the frame for sliding doors in classical Japanese houses, for which he made considerable use of in his work. Thus, this term is further away from what we are looking for than even the gallows.

A photo of a kamoi over a sliding door.

At this point, Kōshudai seems the closest to what were dealing with in regards to shibari and kinbaku, where the body is suspended by rope in various formations.


[1] Kamoi (鴨居) Means lintel. In traditional Japanese house it’s the beam where the top of sliding doors (fusuma; 襖) or paper windows (shoji; 障子) can be inserted and slide. It’s really easy to find pictures of people tied up to the kamoi.



Atemi self-suspending off the new suspension frame!

Stretching For Bondage HANDOUT!

An excellent introduction to stretching and flexibility!

Klawdya Rothschild's Vortex

Stretching… for Bondage                                                                    with Klawdya Rothschild

Why Stretch?

  • Stretching prevents injury in activities demanding a high and varied range of motion. The reaches in tennis, sprints in basketball, quick bursts in martial arts demand high range of motion.
  • Activities that consist of low intensity muscle contraction cycles, like biking and swimming need less flexibility, but stretching reduces the stiffness & soreness these activities cause.
  • Flexibility decreases with age; stretching can help keep activities enjoyable with less discomfort..

musclesWhat is Flexibility?

–A joint’s ability to move freely through a normal range of motion—not just do the splits.

Things that Affect Flexibility:

  • the type of joint (some joints simply aren’t meant to be flexible)
  • the elasticity of muscle tissue (scar tissue from previous injury is not very elastic)
  • elasticity of tendons and ligaments (ligaments don’t stretch much and tendons shouldn’t)
  • the elasticity of skin (skin has some degree of elasticity, but…

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Labor Day Sale at the Shibari Dojo!


Hey folks, we’re just announcing (a bit late I know) a special seasonal sale!

We know that many of you kinksters and artists have plans for labor Day weekend (I certainly do – should have some nice additions to the gallery from that), and as such, we would be honored to offer everyone a 10% discount on all items from our Etsy Shop! No coupon required, this discount is available for all orders!

If you get your order in within the next week or so, it should arrive at latest the Friday before the holiday!

So come see what we have and get ‘er done!


What a Class at the Shibari Dojo Looks Like

For those who are concerned about what the class might be like, tonight we have live streamed publicly on Facebook (and backed up on YouTube) the class.

As you can see here, it’s a fairly casual experiance; clothing is mandatory, I (Atemi – the instructor) work with my own partner, usually CutieTie, and everything is in n academic and respectful manner.

For those interested and not in a position where they may be able to attend in person, we will be live-streaming classes going forward, and for the nominal fee of $30 (CAD) a class, or $100 a month for unlimited (usually 8) Classes, you can sit in on the live-stream and follow along from the comfort of your own home.

Though it’s not as idea as coming to class in person where it is easier to correct mistakes and answer questions more easily, we’ll certainly do our best to accommodate everyone’s needs in regards to this!

AND if you are more of a private sort, we do host private classes for $40 an hour for you and a partner. depending on your location we will even travel to you (additional cost to accommodate travel can be negotiated)!

Keep an eye out for our classes on any of the following pages:

To sign up for this, simply fill out the following form so that we can get in touch and make sure you have access to the class, and then the payment for the class can be sorted out below that: