Tasuki Shibari Back
Tasuki Shibari (Kimono tie; 襷縛). A basic and striking chest tie.

At this stage, the students learn some fundamental ties and how they work, as well as the basics of connective rope bondage, be it sensual or sadistic, rope handling and the details of the single column tie.


  • Tension: Why it is important and how to handle the rope to maintain it.
  • Safety and Emergency Procedures: Identifying nerve pathways and tying around them, and what to do in emergency situations.
  • Nawa Sabaki (How to handle the rope): Speed, efficiency, and flow.
  • Ki Harimasu: “Lengthening the breath/energy”, refers to matching the riggers and models breathing to the movements.


In order to progress past this level, the student must be able to demonstrate:

  1. Competence
  2. Speed (under 4 minutes each)
  3. understanding of the concepts.

Final test includes combining any three of the ties in a single demonstration.