The famous Ebi Shibari (prawn tie; 海老縛) was derived from the third of the four punishments from Edo-period Japan.

In order to take this class, students must have completed all core and optional curricula from Shoden and Chūden, show a flawless understanding of tension line handling and a humble, respectful attitude towards the art and their partner.


  • Muganawa: Suppression of ego, a sense of selflessness. The rigger becomes like a ghost, only facilitating the rope, not showing their presence.
  • Mizuhiki: “Water Pulling”, the extremes of special abstraction and expression of “paint on a canvas.”
  • Shingyōsō: Levels of formalities or symmetry; a grading of quality and expression.


In order to progress past this level, the student must be able to demonstrate:

  1. Competence
  2. Speed (under 3 minutes each)
  3. understanding of the concepts.

Final test includes combining any three of the ties in a single demonstration.