Here Agura Shibari (cross-legged tie; 胡坐縛) is demonstrated with the cooperation of HeGiWa.

At the Chuden level, the student begins to be exposed to some of the finer details and more concept techniques such as modulating the performance itself, managing their own body’s movement, and their own drive to practice.


  • Kinbaku Theory: What drives your shibari?
  • Safety: How to monitor a partner effectively, nerve impingement, circulation, and emergency procedures.
  • Taisabaki: The rigger utilises ergonomics (shoulders level, no unbalancing the self, no unnecessary tension in the body). A grasp of fudōza and hontai.
  • Marihari: Modulation (of voice), variation, variety, Liveliness; full-bodied – From Osada-ryū meaning to change and adapt the cadence of the technique.


In order to progress past this level, the student must be able to demonstrate:

  1. Competence
  2. Speed (under 3 minutes each)
  3. understanding of the concepts.

Final test includes combining any three of the ties in a single demonstration.

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