Shibari Dojo is headed by martial arts researcher and Japanese rope bondage educator, Luke Crocker.

Luke (Atemi) has been practicing the art of Japanese rope bondage Since October 2012, and began teaching and performing on stage since May 2015. Having practiced martial arts for 24 years, and leading a academic research team on the subject, Luke draws from a wide range of resources for instruction.

Luke has performed onstage for Mondeose, Morpheus Bondage Extravaganza, La Nuit des Cordes, and Club M4, and has a fast growing public career in bondage.

Shibari Dojo itself is a small venue dedicated to the transmission of the artistic aspect of shibari and exploring it on a very holistic scale. The practice itself includes everything from how to sit and stand while practicing bondage, to how to integrate ergonomics, psychosomatics and even meditation into the practice. Some of the services offered are:

  • A dedicated curriculum for learning shibari
  • private classes
  • workshops
  • online courses
  • and various events

For more information, contact us below: