Shibari Dojo Introductions


This is the official launching of the Shibari Dojo, located in Barrie Ontario, and home to Luke Crocker (Atemi).

Though I began my shibari journey in October 2012, when I was commissioned to translate a short document on hojojutsu, it wasn’t until October 2014 when I really took the art seriously. Since then my practice had quite literally saved my life while going through a very dark time. It was because if this that I was able to commit deeply to realizing and understanding the art, and now I can never wait to have a length of jute or hemp back in my hands again!

Having a long time background in education and a great passion for academia, I decided to begin doing what I love for my profession, and in June 2015 I opened up shop!

I first began by selling rope for the purpose of hojojutsu, and soon after found people asking about classes and workshops. Though I was quite unsure about whether I was up to the task of teaching something that I felt to be completely amateurish in, it seems that not only did the students enjoy the workshops, but they enthusiastically practiced what I gave them. Accordingly, I have begun teaching private classes with considerable success!