Ipponnawa Intensive (March 2019)

Date & Time:Sunday, March 31, 2019
10:00 AM – 5:00 PM  
Location:Church of Kink Kawartha
(Peterborough, Ontario)
(To be provided upon payment)
Cost:$100/Couple or Special two-day price of $150
Dress code:Comfortable clothing, recommend no underwires for women

Within shibari, there is the practice of ippon nawa (一本縄), the use of a single length of rope; how oneness permeates every element of the universe: how we unite with friends, lovers, relatives, intentions – unity through oneness is an expression of freedom: “through unity comes multiplicity.”

A series of Kata (forms; 型) and henka (transitions; 変化) will be expressed in order to explore the application of “economy of resource” (the use of what rope is available), and the application of “Merihari” (cadence and rhythm; 減張), and how that changes whether a scene is sensual or sadistic, relaxing or exciting.

Hosted in the glorious Church of Kawartha Kink (CoKK), we will have room enough for a maximum of ten couples for this event! So send us your payment to reserve your spot fast!


Skill level – knowledge of how to tie a single column tie of your preference and basic hitches (Such as the Munter Hitch and the Half Hitch) is recommended (this will not be covered in the class, though it will have been covered in our Beginners intensive).

About the instructor

Luke (Atemi) has been practicing the art of Japanese rope bondage Since October 2012, and began teaching and performing on stage since May 2015. Having practiced martial arts for 24 years, and leading a academic research team on the subject, Luke draws from a wide range of resources for instruction. He has performed onstage for MondeoseMorpheus Bondage Extravaganza, and Club M4, and has a fast growing public career in bondage.

For those intending to attend the two day intensive (both Saturdays beginners class and Sundays single rope intensive), there is a special bundle pricing of $150 for both Saturday and Sunday intensives.

  • For just the Sunday intensive, please send $100 to our PayPal HERE or Bank eTransfer to atemi.shibaridojo@gmail.com (use the password “singlerope”)
  • For both the Saturday and Sunday intensive, please send $150 to our PayPal HEREor Bank eTransfer to atemi.shibaridojo@gmail.com (use the password “masterroperope”)

For further inquiries, please email us with the following form:

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