La Nuit des Cordes 2017

Greetings all, this is Atemi reporting on La Nuit des Cordes 2017!

due to some unforeseen personal matters, I had to step back for most of the event, but fortunately things were sorted out soon enough to get my butt on stage at the last minute (literally last time slot).

The Trip

Usually, traveling tends to stress me out quite a bit, like many people in the rope scene, anxiety is a thing, and though I have a pretty good hold of it, travel tends to get to me. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE travel, but it comes with its cost. Fortunately, I had my love CutieTie with me, and traveling with her is something that I’ve wanted to do for some time.

So we grabbed a Go Train from Barrie down to UNion Station in Toronto at about 7am, and then a ViaRail train from there to Montreal, so a bout a 7 hour trip one way, and though expensive, it was rather comfortable.

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Montreal bound!

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We also have a sort of secret low profile hotel right next to the venue where we were to be performing, so that’s always decent.

On another note, someone thought that it was fitting to report a nerve injury treatment article that I had shared on Facebook, so I had my account blocked for 24 hours leading up to the event. Facebook does not dispute these things, so that was pleasant. I don’t like Twitter much, but because of this, my attention went there for the weekend.

Meeting and Practice

The Friday night we had the privilege of meeting many old friends and some new ones at Ropes in Motion (RIM), where the pre-party and meet-up was held. A very lovely studio dedicated to rope bondage. And then again during Saturday afternoon where there was a pre-practice at the wonderful Tension, another dedicated shibari studio with a awesome atmosphere and facilities (I also managed to forget my scarf there, and Montreal was having a wonderful cold-snap that weekend…).

The Night of Ropes

Moments before the event itself started, I had some personal matters occur that nearly caused me to back out completely from the event. CutieTie still had a performance around 1am which I didn’t want her to miss out on, and so I attended and took some pictures and media of that.

Through some turns in circumstance, I ended up going up wit CutieTie for the 2:30 performance slot. Accordingly our performance ended up going on with out a hitch. And though we were supposed to do two earlier shows, I feel that this one made up for it nicely.

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