ShibariChallenge – Practice on your own

In the Beginning, there was rope, and it was good

Waaaay back in January 2015, I thought up an idea where I would make it a point to tie something different every day, and it was to be called the ShibariChallenge. At that time, I didn’t have a proper partner, so it was mostly objects or myself. This forced me to be more creative with how I tied things, as flesh behaves very different from coffee cups.

Then (s)he created…

So everyday I made an attempt to tie something, anything, then I would post it online with the hashtag #ShibariChallenge, sharing it to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This is largely done to encourage others that were in my position (not having a partner) to practice; showing that there was a way as long as they had the will. Thus, I found my own practice improved over that month by quite a bit. After all the only way to proficiency is consistency.

An example of using inanimate objects as practice tools.

After the first month however, I stopped this approach as all that work was the publicity that I needed for people to start asking me to tie them (wasn’t by design, people just got curious). Thus I began to have volunteer partners! From then on my focus shifted from practicing every day, to standardizing my ties and techniques.

Now more than a year later, I decided to start it again as it was quite fun and forced me out of the monotonous and the norm. Getting some new rope that I needed to break in might have contributed to it too.

And then it was good, very good…

So now I’ve been making it a bigger thing now and pushing it harder, and the response, though not overwhelming, has been inspiring! I’ve seen a lot of self ties, lots of chair suspensions, and stuffies get their rope fix in!

I generally use Instagram to propagate the ShibariChallenge as it lets you post from it to Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr all at once, retaining the hashtag as well! So if you feel like giving it a shot, go ahead! it doesn’t have to be kinky or NSFR to contribute to the ShibariChallenge, jsut has to be rope and practice!

An example of using Space to express kinbaku.

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