August’s Atemi-ryu Chuden Workshop review

Tonight commences our third Atemi-ryū shibari workshop, and such a lovely class it was!

“Shoden wo Okuden” The first forms are the deepest – the advanced is a harmony of the basics.

This was also the first non-beginners workshop for Shibari Dōjō. The fact that it was an intermediate level workshop definitely kept some away, but there was a lesson that I wanted to express with such a thing. Lately I have been expressing that the advanced kata (forms, patterns, or models) are very simply and quite literally made up of the basics. That is also to say that the beginning techniques are also the most advanced.

Accordingly, the first kata that we examined was the Atemi-ryū variation of Hishi Shibari (Diamond Tie). This is a tie that can be challenging for someone fresh to shibari, yet with a little perseverance the studious can extrapolate all sorts of lessons from this form and walk away with a very solid chest harness!

We also practiced a simple hip harness. One might wonder why we might practice a hip harness when there isn’t a determined suspension curriculum in Atemi-ryū. It is simple, the hip harness makes a considerable amount anchor points for use in the mizuhiki style.

All in all, we had great people come out and make this workshop priceless. Thank you everyone who showed your support through encouragement and participation!

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